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Polls - Do's & Don'ts

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Complete Polls - Do's & Don'ts

Post  Wintra (Admin) on Fri Nov 12, 2010 10:01 pm

Since the system is a bit mixed up, members may be able to create a 'poll' in certain parts of the forum...

That's an error but please, don't create polls for no reason. Well, what use are they? Useless polls will flood the forum

All members are allowed to create polls in the contest section but for the votings only.

If you create a poll for no reason, you may notice that -
(a)you can't create polls anymore
(b)I have disabled your Private Messaging service
(c)you will be given a warning
(d)the topic with the un-nessasary poll will be locked

I hope you understand this!!

Wintra (Admin)
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